Thursday, June 4, 2020

Another set of Challenges!!

Remember if you set a high score please send a video to my school email and I will post it for others to see if they can improve on your score!

Fill The Bucket Sponge Toss.  The first team to fill their bucket.  Time this challenge in order to compete against other teams.

Water Balloon Toss.  Measure the distance apart, where your balloon popped

Squirt Cup Race.  Time how long it takes to squirt your cup to the end of the string 20 ft. away.  You can change the distance. Or just compete for the fun of it.  We did think that it would be fun if the person holding the sting were at the end where the cup is traveling on a hot day!

Partner Fly Swatter Challenge.  How many times can to hit back and forth with a partner?

We don't always have to be perfect!
Always time for a second chance

Noodle Hockey.  Just for the fun of it!!

Javelin Noodle Throw.  Measure the distance

Teamwork Maze. a). Time how long you can keep the ball rolling on the board, traveling the length and width.
b).  Start at one end and get the ball to the opposite end into a specific target.

Handcuffs Problem Solver.  How to tie a Slip Knot
Handcuffs in action

Juggling.  Either 2 in one hand or 3 using both hands.  the number you can juggle in a row

1 more round of Challenges will be posted Friday!

Max accepts the cup stack challenge with 9 stacked in 1 minute!  Who will accept this challenge?

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Field Days Games......... Let the Games Begin

As you start to play these games keep in mind that they are first designed for FUN!  If the game has a time, distance, or point quality and you score the current best please send me a video to my school email and I will post it on this blog for others to attempt to better the new high score.  Have fun with it and if you come up with a New challenge please send it this way so I may post your challenge for others to try.


Egg on a Spoon.  This challenge is done as a minute to win it game.  It can also be done as a team challenge (the first team to complete 5 loops )

Golf Ball Stack. minute to win it

Coin in the Pocket. Minute to win it

Leah's attempt

Mrs. DiGuilio's attempt

Sliding Cup.  Measure the distance 
Leah's attempt

Mrs. DiGuilio's attempt

Swat a Beachball. # in a row
Leah's attempt

Mrs. DiGuilio's attempt

Noddle Race.  Minute to win it.  This again may be done also as a team relay race.
Leah's attempt

Mrs. DiGuilio's attempt

Cup Stack. Minute to win it.  This may also be done without a time limit

Oreo Cookie Challenge.  Timed event

Fill the bucket. Time how long it takes to fill the bucket

Water Bottle Flip. Minute to win it

There are more video challenges to come...................

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

All Field Day Lovers!!

This week would have been one of my favorite of the school year!  Field day gives us all a chance to relax and have some fun.
This year it will look a little different.  Tomorrow and the days after you will find videos of games for you to play at home.  Some of these challenges are run similar to minute to win it games.  This means that you have 1 Minute to complete a task and record your score.  
Some games are small team challenges 1vs 1 or 2vs 2.  Others are just for the family dynamic challenge teamwork.  All are for the fun and a few laughs. Please video any challenge and the score, send the video to me via my school email and I will post them to my blog for others to see and attempt to challenge for the top score.  I will also send them to Mrs. Hopkins to post on the school facebook page to ensure we have reach  as many families as possible.  You may pick and choose any activity you wish ( all family members are encouraged to join in).  You may also repeat any challenge.  There is no specific day for participation, do them as you wish.

Keep an eye out for the challenges to start.......
Please feel free to create your own activities , send them to me and I will post your ideas as well.

List of Materials:
pool noodles, solo cups, party balloons (9" last longer than water balloons), 2 small beach pails, 2 larger buckets, 2 carwash sponges ( could also use rolled up socks, or kitchen size sponge), measuring tape, coins or poker chips, fly swatters, beachball, cheap playground type ball, straws, paracord or yarn, string, plastic shopping bags 3 different colors, Oreo or Nilla wafer cookies, Fruit Loops cereal, chez-it crackers, jacks, chopsticks or pencils, Fruit Loops chart ( shown below ) printed one of each

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tie Dye Week. !!

This is the week that we would be tie dyeing for field day.  So we will stay with our normal, lets dye some shirts. St. Therese is a place where we support each other as a community, we share in our triumphs and bond in our struggles, which is why I love this school so much. This year I would like to celebrate the family of St. Therese and a particular family to let them know we are all supporting them in their journey.. So the colors this year are go grey and a little pink to make us smile!

There are short videos going through the steps of tie dye.  You will need two buckets for the dye color, rubber bands or string to tie the shirts, 100% cotton shirts, either Tulip or RIT Dye, and Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol for the option 2 method of dyeing.

    Traditional Method

I did go back when I got home, re-tied this shirt and put it in the dye longer for a deeper color.  Left in overnight in the ziplock bag and rinsed until no color came out in the rinse water before hanging out to dry.  This is the end result.  before I wear it , I will wash one more time ( do NOT wash with any other clothes ) and dry in the dryer

Sharpie Method

 Spiral Tie and colored the back with Sharpie Markers

 Opposite side colored with Sharpie Markers and Heart 

Poured Rubbing alcohol on one side and then flipped over doing the same.  Let this sit overnight and hung outside to dry

Monday, May 18, 2020

K-5. Short Video Dance Workouts

So this week is all about coordination of movement for 3rd -5th grade , K-2nd grade you are practicing repeating patterns using visual cues. ( can you repeat and remember what you see )
These are short videos, most are less than 4 minutes, choose three or more and repeat them three times.  Why three times?  Good question.... our brain likes to remember things in groups of 3, 5 and 7's.  This is why a teachers gives you a lesson in class, you have homework on that lesson, and then you review the information before a test.  Another fun fact is ..... when you feel like you are in a brain fog physical activity will spark your brain function so when you go back to the academic work you are better able to focus.  So Gym class isn't just about building a healthy body, it is about the mind too!

1. Magic Dance

2.Thunder Dance

3.Can't Stop The Felling Dance

4.  My House Dance

5.  Thriller Dance

6.  My Way

7.  Sugar Dance

8.  Happy Dance

Use my school e-mail address and send me a picture of you staying healthy and active.  I miss you all !

6th-8th grade minute to win it challenges

1.  Water Bottle Flip

2. 9 challenges

      Here is a list of things you may need for these challenges!
Challenge 1: You need a bunch of coins. They dont have to be same but it will help. Challenge 3: You need 2 bowls or plates, a straw and some sort of small snack like cheeze itz or gold fish. Challenge 5: You need about 10 paper or plastic cups that are the same size. Challenge 6: You need some sort of snack. Cookies, cheez itz, goldfish, crackers etc. Challenge 7: You need oven mitts and small pieces of candy in a wrapper. Challenge 9: You need a water bottle.

          try each level for how many can to do in one minute
      This one is a longer challenge using paper:  longer paper fitness challenge

         if it is a skill that uses one hand please attempt it with your don-dominate hand too.


please send me a picture of video of you completing one of these challenges, use my school email address.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

3rd-5th Grades. Striking Skills

This is typically when we would be starting striking games such as speedminton (like Badminton) or baseball type games.
The secret to your success is:
     1. Be patient with yourself
     2. Practice, practice, practice
     3. Keep your eye on the object to are hitting
     4. Have fun !!

If you don't have tennis rackets you can use anything strong enough to hit a small ball or balloon.
 ( frisbees, plastic plates, foldable laundry baskets)
If it is baseball you wish and don't have a bat a pool noodle works.  Hold the noodle with your dominate hand ( the one you hand a pencil in) on top of the other, toward the bottom of the noodle.
Golf is also a striking activity!!

send me a picture at my gym email address, of you and a family member playing a striking game.

     Play Baseball Clipart » Clipart Station